ABI-AZA Learning Partners

Association of Zoos & Aquariums Learning Partner

The Animal Behavior Institute is proud to be a Learning Partner with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). Our two organizations share a common mission to provide professional, high quality training. Many of the courses offered by ABI can be used for dual credit; they will apply to your ABI certificate requirements and can also be used for elective credit in select AZA certificates.

The AZA Professional Development Certificates

These professional certificates are offered in different areas or concentrations. Each concentration is grounded in AZA's hallmark, in-person courses to build a strong foundation for further training. AZA Professional Development Certificate concentrations are completed by choosing from an array of electives, including courses offered by select Learning Partners, providing high quality training in areas that complement and build on the foundation that AZA courses create.

Our status as an official AZA Learning Partner will allow students to use a number of ABI courses as electives in AZA Professional Development Certificate Programs.

The AZA Professional Development Certificate Program offer two concentrations that are relevant to ABI students: Behavioral Husbandry and Education & Interpretation. The relevant electives that will be accepted by the AZA are as follows.

Behavioral Husbandry

  1. ABI 126 Animal Minds and Emotions
  2. ABI 222 Animal Enrichment
  3. ABI 233 Animal Training
  4. ABI 331 Animal Behavior
  5. ABI 378 Primate Behavior & Enrichment

 Education & Interpretation

  1. ABI 116 Practical Psychology
  2. ABI 142 Environmental Education & Outreach

These courses are already an integral part of the curriculum for our Zoo & Aquarium Science program and our Wildlife Rehabilitation program. Now dual credit is available for students that would like to complete certificates at both institutions. Interested students can find out more about the AZA Professional Development Certificates by visiting the AZA certificate site or contacting us at (866) 755-0448 or [email protected]. Please note that students will sign up for AZA certificate programs directly with the AZA, not the Animal Behavior Institute.

Registration is now open for Fall 2014 courses taken with the AZA, see their professional development site for a list of available courses.

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