Advanced Equine Training
Advanced Equine Training

ABI 127  R

Equine Minds & Emotions

ABI 237  R

Equine Behavior

ABI 267  R

Equine Training

ABI 317  R

Equine Health & Nutrition

ABI 222  E

Animal Enrichment

ABI 232  E

The Human-Animal Bond

ABI 261  E

Equine Assisted Activities & Therapies

ABI 327  E

Start & Grow Your Equine Business

R = required    E = elective

Advanced Equine Training

Certificate Program (15 credits)

The Advanced Equine Training program provides an innovative, in-depth study of equine training and behavior, building on the skills learned in the specialized certificate in Equine Behavior & Management. Students go far beyond training; you will learn how to incorporate principles of behavioral science to identify training goals and to develop and evaluate training programs. We will tackle equine behavioral problems in a variety of settings; students are encouraged to share their personal training challenges as well. Additional coursework in management will help you build a new equine business or take an existing one to the next level.

Your specialized training will allow you to:

  • Write a behavioral modification plan incorporating the use of a clicker.
  • Maximize the welfare of horses through the development of a low-stress, ongoing training program.
  • Prepare horses for professional showing, including items related to transportation, behavior and physical appearance.
  • Create a detailed mission statement for your business, establishing your intent and developing specific, measurable goals.
  • Build a marketing plan to develop your business.
  • Determine the financing needed and how to obtain the necessary funds.

These outcomes are in addition to the goals of the Equine Behavior & Management program listed here. The certificate in Advanced Equine Training requires the completion of the three required classes for the specialized certificate in Equine Behavior & Management plus two additional classes for a total of five courses (15 academic credits). There is also a field requirement consisting of 40 hours of hands-on experience as an employee, intern or volunteer at an institution of your choice.

The four required courses for the Advanced Equine Training program are:

  1. ABI 127 Equine Minds & Emotions
  2. ABI 237 Equine Behavior
  3. ABI 267 Equine Training
  4. ABI 317 Equine Health & Nutrition

You will also choose one of the following electives:

  1. ABI 222 Animal Enrichment
  2. ABI 232 The Human-Animal Bond
  3. ABI 261 Equine Assisted Activities & Therapies
  4. ABI 327 Start & Grow Your Equine Business

Please note that students in the Advanced Equine Training program do not need to complete the field requirement more than once. The field hours used for the Equine Behavior & Management specialized certificate can also be used to satisfy the field requirement for Advanced Equine Training.

Upon graduation, students may begin using the designation CAETP, Certified Advanced Equine Training Professional. Many of our graduates start their own businesses after obtaining their certificate, working as independent trainers and behavioral consultants. Other graduates find work at riding stables, training facilities, or equestrian centers. The outlook for professionals in animal care and service, which includes equine trainers, is very positive. Employment in these areas is expected to grow 11% over the 2016-26 decade, faster than the average for all occupations*. Salaries vary greatly based on the specific field or employer. For example, independent animal trainers may work for $20-50/hour or more. Animal care staff working in other fields may earn considerably less.

The Animal Behavior Institute is the only institution to offer accredited, online programs in Advanced Equine Training. Our program is unlike any other distance education program. Students at the Animal Behavior Institute participate in a highly interactive online classroom, engaging in regular dialog with their professors and student colleagues. Students receive feedback each week, working on collaborative projects while training their own animals. This allows them to achieve a deeper level of understanding than they would develop on their own. This collaboration, coupled with the mentoring each student receives from their instructors, ensures that they receive a very personal education.

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