All Courses at the Animal Behavior Institute

All Courses

ABI 116  

Practical Psychology

ABI 117  

Working with People and Animals

ABI 126  

Animal Minds & Emotions

ABI 127  

Equine Minds & Emotions

ABI 142  

Environmental Education & Outreach

ABI 211  

Animal Assisted Interventions

ABI 214  

Principles of Wildlife Rehabilitation

ABI 221  

Husbandry & Record Keeping

ABI 222  

Animal Enrichment

ABI 232  

The Human-Animal Bond

ABI 233  

Animal Training

ABI 234  

Canine Training

ABI 235  

Feline Training

ABI 237  

Equine Behavior

ABI 238  

Therapy Dog Training

ABI 242  

Exotic Animal Management & Conservation

ABI 251  

Behavior & Training of Marine Mammals

ABI 254  

Canine Aggression

ABI 261  

Equine Assisted Activities & Therapies

ABI 262  

Wildlife Management

ABI 264  

Training the Canine Athlete

ABI 267  

Equine Training

ABI 271  

Canine Behavior & Enrichment

ABI 272  

Feline Behavior & Enrichment

ABI 274  

Canine Scent Work

ABI 281  

Avian Training

ABI 284  

Building Your Dog Training Business

ABI 291  

Carnivore Training & Behavior

ABI 311  

Animal Nutrition, Health & Disease

ABI 312  

Canine Health & Nutrition

ABI 313  

Feline Health & Nutrition

ABI 317  

Equine Health & Nutrition

ABI 327  

Start & Grow Your Equine Business

ABI 331  

Animal Behavior: An Evolutionary Approach

ABI 334  

Advanced Canine Training

ABI 335  

Advanced Feline Training

ABI 338  

Service Dog Training

ABI 375  

Behavior of Rabbits & Rodents

ABI 378  

Primate Behavior & Enrichment

ABI 410  

Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals

ABI 420  

Veterinary Nursing Care & Clinical Procedures

ABI 430  

Veterinary Surgical Assistance & Technical Procedures

All Courses

Each course at the Animal Behavior Institute runs for 10 weeks. Each week includes reading assignments, study guide activities, an interactive quiz and participation in the class discussion. Optional resources are also identified for students that would like to pursue selected topics further.

Classes are offered on a quarterly basis; semesters begin in January, March/April, June and September. Please note that not every course is offered each semester. Please check the Course Catalog, the Registration Page, or contact your academic advisor for more information on class scheduling.

Textbooks are subject to change. We don't recommend purchasing books more than one semester in advance.

To learn more about individual classes, please click on the course link to the left.


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