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Military Resources

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The Animal Behavior Institute can help you apply your unique skills to a successful civilian career. Your education at ABI can prepare you for a career in the fields where other veterans have had the greatest success. For example, Health Care is one of the most in-demand fields of study for veterans returning to civilian work, according to GI Jobs. The Animal Assisted Therapy program at ABI will give you the skills you need to participate in an existing program or to get started building your own.

Health Care is also high on the list of top jobs Military Friendly Employers are recruiting veterans for. Many ABI graduates have gone on to work in the Health Care field through Animal Assisted Therapy. For example, Karen Lasker is now the Executive Director of The Brody Project for Animal Assisted Therapy, located in southwest Florida. Animal Assisted Therapy is used by many health care professionals, such as therapists, counselors, and nurses, as well as educators and volunteers.

Active duty personnel, veterans and military spouses have all built successful careers through our companion animal programs, such as Canine & Feline Training. Private trainers are in great demand; animal consulting is a highly portable skill that you can take with you as you move. At ABI, we make it easy for students to apply military skills and experience to a successful career.

Take advantage of these free resources to help you know what jobs to search for, how to apply, and what to expect as you transition into the civilian workforce:

  • Hot Jobs – A list of the top jobs the 2015 Military Friendly Employers are recruiting veterans for. Provides information such as average pay, what education or training is required, and who’s recruiting for them right now.
  • Find A Job – A tool you can use to find job openings based on your location, specialization and military specialty.
  • Pay Calculator – A tool that determines how much you’ll need to make in a civilian job to equal your current military pay.
  • More tips, resources, and articles from GI Jobs



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