Welcome to the Animal Behavior Institute

Welcome to the Animal Behavior Institute! (ABI)

ABI was founded in 2004 by Dr. Gary Fortier and Dr. Janis Hammer in order to offer behavioral courses and training online. Our web based, interactive courses allow adult students to obtain professional quality instruction without travel, anywhere, at any time. The courses and programs offered through the Animal Behavior Institute provide individualized instruction, certification, and continuing education credits for animal professionals.


The Animal Behavior Institute prepares students for careers in animal behavior by providing outstanding educational programs. We create a dynamic, collaborative learning environment where students work closely with both the faculty and each other. Our specialized, interdisciplinary curriculum offers each student a personalized education, tailored to individual student needs. Each program emphasizes practical applications and problem solving. Our educational approach promotes a greater understanding of animals’ physical and behavioral needs, strengthening the human-animal bond and promoting the highest levels of animal care and welfare.


Our educational philosophy is a response to the growing need to combine information across disciplines. We address all aspects of learning: intellectual, experiential and applied. Consequently, our students develop the knowledge and skill sets needed to succeed in a very competitive work environment. Through coursework, assignments and field experience they will learn to seek and evaluate relevant information, communicate effectively, collaborate in group projects, and become active problem solvers.


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