What's New at ABI?

What's New at ABI?

Coming soon: New Look, New Website!

ABI is excited to announce the upcoming unveiling of our new website! Stay tuned to take advantage of the improvements we have made to the student experience.

New course in Building Your Dog Training Business

ABI is proud to announce that we will be offering a new course, ABI 284 Building Your Dog Training Business. Building Your Dog Training Business can be taken as an elective in our Advanced Canine Training program or as a stand alone course. Once you’ve mastered the art of dog training, how do you translate this into a successful career? In this course you will learn how to build or expand your dog training business. We’ll start with the basics of legally creating your company and move through the steps needed to produce and implement an effective marketing plan. We’ll conclude with an analysis of your potential clients and how to grow your business further through referrals and partnerships.


  • Determine the form of organization that will allow you to meet your business objectives.
  • Identify your niche market in dog training and/or other related businesses.
  • Develop a marketing plan that includes a target audience and an analysis of your competition.
  • Build a training program that includes group and private lessons, together with pricing.
  • Create scripts as starting points for use in email and telephone campaigns.
  • Build an effective website and use search engine optimization techniques to increase traffic.
  • Establish a payment system for accepting payments from clients.
  • Use Google, Facebook and other social media platforms to build a following and/or create ads to increase your brand’s exposure.
  • Cultivate relationships with veterinarians and other professionals; build a professional referral network.

  • New course in Canine Aggression

    aggressive dogThis course will delve into a topic in dog training and consulting that most people have encountered either personally or professionally – aggression. Body language and learning theory will be reviewed, but with an emphasis on aggressive displays and counter conditioning. You will learn how to identify the different types of aggression and the legalities and liabilities that are involved in working such cases both as a consultant and for the owners.

    Since working with aggressive dogs can pose a risk, safety precautions including how to prepare for the initial consult and how to break up a dog fight will be covered as well as management and how to effectively get optimum owner compliance. Numerous protocols and techniques will be discussed as well as when you may need to seek out more options or guidance from veterinarians and vet behaviorists.

    New certificate in Advanced Equine Behavior

    Advanced Equine BehaviorThe Advanced Equine Behavior program provides an innovative, in-depth study of equine training and behavior. Students go far beyond training; you will learn how to incorporate principles of behavioral science to identify training goals and to develop and evaluate training programs.

    The program tackles equine behavioral problems in a variety of settings; students are encouraged to share their personal training challenges as well. Additional coursework in equine business management will help you build a new equine business or take an existing one to the next level. For more information, see the full program description or download the brochure.

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